Facilities and Campus Operations

Service Requests

Service requests are the tool for which members of the Brown community may Submit Requests to Facilities Management to have work performed.

We encourage all members of the Brown community to utilize our on-line system for submitting service requests. Our on-line application, Planon Self Service (PSS), offers a web interface allowing customers to create, submit, and track the status of each service request they submit. Customers may also contact the Service Response Center directly for submitting service requests.

Submitting a service request involves providing essential details such as contact information and a description of the work being requested. Once a service request is received, the Service Response Center evaluates it, prioritizes it, and assigns it to the appropriate Facilities Management area for action.


In the event of a facility related emergency, call the Service Response Center immediately at (401) 863-7800.

How To Submit A Request

When submitting a service request you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • First and last name of the requestor
  • Alternate requestor or contact person
  • Telephone number
  • The exact location of the work to be performed
  • A full description of the work requested
  • Time frame in which work is to begin and be completed

Submit a Service Request

Please utilize FM Planon Self-Service for submitting service requests. This application allows you to create, submit, and track the status of each service requests.

Service Response Center

The Service Response Center is a comprehensive operation dedicated to the service needs of the University community. Our primary goal is to serve as a liaison between our campus constituencies, which include students, faculty and staff and Facilities and Campus Operations.

The Center directly manages Planon Self Service (PSS), a web based application that enables the campus community to request service on-line and monitor the status of requests and work orders.

The Service Response Center evaluates each service request upon receipt, prioritizes the request, and distributes the request to the appropriate Facilities and Campus Operations area that will act on the request. Once the service request is scheduled it becomes a work order. Utilizing PSS, each customer may login and track the status, review histories, and perform queries of their service requests and work orders. In addition, email notifications are sent to customers to confirm receipt of each work order and to indicate when each work order has been closed.