Facilities and Campus Operations

Facility Design and Construction Standards

Brown's intent is to build high-quality, durable, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure that are cost-effective to maintain, while providing latitude for innovation.

Consultant/Contractor Compliance Instructions

All design consultants and contractors are expected to fully review these standards as part of their services to Brown University. At each specific applicable stage of the project (SD, DD, CD, submittal, change request, other), please print and complete the Compliance Form.

For any specific sections of drawings and specifications, submittals or change requests that do not comply with the standards, the Waiver Request Form must be completed.

Healthy Materials Standards

Brown University has adopted and continues to evolve its healthy materials building standards.  This program is intended to eliminate certain materials with known or suspected negative impacts to human health, particularly vulnerable populations. Brown has built an interactive platform for planning, design and construction teams to identify acceptable (required/baseline) and preferred healthy materials. The University strives to select the preferred versus required (baseline) materials and teams should explore the cost/benefits of both.  Any deviation from the acceptable materials will require a waiver to be signed off by The AVP of Sustainability and Resiliency. Please work with your Project Manager to navigate the Hub. 

Visit The Brown Healthy Materials Hub