Facilities and Campus Operations


Facilities and Campus Operations consists of several offices with dedicated, skilled, professional employees trained in every trade required for the maintenance, repair, and renovation of campus facilities. Services offered range from grounds maintenance to events support to custodial services to heating, ventilation, and controls to project planning, design, and construction.

Operational Areas

Facilities and Campus Operations is organized into several functional areas:

Responsible for creating and maintaining accurate information for all of Brown's facilities, including land holdings, buildings, infrastructure and other physical property.

The Engineering Office supports the University's academic mission by enhancing the quality of the engineered systems on campus. These systems include the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems within buildings, the various University-owned campus utility systems as well as public utility systems serving the campus.

To support this mission, the Engineering Office provides professional engineering support and technical coordination to Facilities Management offices as well as to other University Departments in areas such as campus-wide project planning, design, construction and operations. Professional engineering support includes:

  • Development and updates to Facilities Design Guidelines
  • Master Planning and Design of Campus Site Utilities systems
  • Participation in Project Design reviews for new building and Renovation projects
  • Engineering analysis and monitoring of the various campus utility and building systems in the support of the Energy, Operations and Maintenance groups

Design and Construction Standards

Design and Construction Standards. The Design and Construction Standards is a series of design documents, technical specifications, and detail drawings that can be used by architects, consultants, contractors, and Brown personnel in design, construction, and repair projects in buildings and the Brown campus infrastructure.

Campus Metering System

The Engineering Office is setting up and operating a web-based, campus-wide metering system for status monitoring and metering of electrical consumption for most buildings. In addition, this system is also being configured to monitor flow rates and energy consumption of high temperature hot water, chilled water and natural gas utilities for selected buildings. Limited access to the metering system is provided via the Campus Metering System.

Finance has full responsibility for Facilities Management payroll, contracted services, procurement, accounts payable, interdepartmental billing of services, equipment inventory, tracking and reporting energy expenses and the reporting of budget allocations and expenses.

The Human Resources and Labor Relations Office strives to attract and retain talented employees who are committed to Department and University success and who recognize the importance of their individual contribution in meeting this goal. This is accomplished by:

  • Addressing employee concerns compassionately, expeditiously and thoroughly.
  • Assuring compliance with employment and labor-related laws, regulations and University policy.
  • Collaborating with Department directors to provide a talented and diverse workforce.
  • Maintaining accurate data to facilitate smooth personnel and labor transactions and appropriate analysis.
  • Fairly and equitably negotiate and implement the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Above all, the Human Resources and Labor Relations Office is dedicated to the fair and respectful treatment of our most valuable resource: Brown University Facilities Management employees.

The Maintenance & Operations Office provides custodial, maintenance, building environment control and grounds and athletic field services in addition to responding to University maintenance emergencies in conjunction with the Facilities Management Service Response Center.

The magnitude of maintaining the University is often stated in terms of the over 230 buildings and 146 acres in the inventory, however, the number of components and systems needed to operate this number of buildings extends into the thousands which are addressed and maintained through the Facilities Management Preventive Maintenance program.

Maintenance & Operations Trades Divisions undertake projects that are designed to streamline maintenance functions and to add new functionality to building systems as well as address safety issues. The majority of these self-generated projects are undertaken during the summer months. Customer generated projects are scheduled with the requesting Department to limit the impact to their operation.

Brown University has long been aware of the financial and environmental benefits of using energy wisely while maintaining an exceptional environment for learning and research. Maintenance & Operations Trades Divisions continuously look for and implement conservation measures when retrofitting components within buildings to save energy and to comply with all current environmental regulations.

Responsible for facilitating the initiation, planning process, approvals, consultant selection, design review, and construction delivery of all new construction, renovations, infrastructure/energy upgrades, and major building maintenance initiatives on campus.

The Stores Operation is responsible for procuring all maintenance and repair material for the Department of Facilities Management. This consists of sourcing items, obtaining pricing and working with vendors. Other areas of responsibility include vehicle fleet maintenance, procurement of business and office supplies and university record storage.

Stores Operations occupies a 3,000 square foot stock room within the Facilities Management building and has a staff of five. University record storage occupies an off campus 18,000 square foot warehouse. The Facilities Management vehicle fleet consists of over 40 trucks, vans, & pieces of heavy equipment.

The Office of Facilities Systems & Services is made up of the Planon Team and the Facilities Information Services Team. Our mission is to support the administrative and academic initiatives of the university, ensuring that all systems and services are best in class, properly maintained and secure. Our team is responsible for the availability and integrity of core Facilities Management data. 

Planon Team

The Planon team works to implement, improve and maintain the campus Integrated Workplace Management System - Planon

  • For Planon support involving change requests, reports, questions, or to report an issue please contact the Planon Support Team.

Facilities Information Services Team

The FIS team works with departments within FM to maintain floor plans, maps and building documentation to ensure readily available access to this information through our document management system. This team works with faculty, staff and students to provide information for campus projects and initiatives. 

  • Utility Marking -  The FIS team can provide a campus utility map of the area to be excavated. Please submit requests for utility marking 14 days in advance is possible. This excludes Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays or if otherwise agreed upon by the person or company performing the work and Brown University. Upon receiving a copy of the utility map it is the responsibility of the contractor to do the actual marking out of the utilities. The approximate location* of the underground utilizes shall be marked with stakes, flags, paint, or other physical means.

  • CAD Files - Facility floor plans and campus mapping files (Buildings, Roads, Infrastructure, etc…) are available upon request. These files will only be distributed to either those affiliated with or, those performing official business with Brown University. Students requesting CAD files in support of academic projects must have their professors provide a written request via email to the CAD Office. Request CAD Files

  • Custom Map / Content Creation - Brown University Staff and Faculty may request custom maps or floor plan output in support of the Plan for Academic Enrichment (PAE). These maps and plans may be used for presentations, analysis, or for general purposes. Custom requests will be ordered on a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) method. Request Custom Content

Utility Mark-Out procedures can be found at Marking Utilities/Brown Dig Safe.

Office of Information Technology

The Systems & Services Team maintains a relationship with the Office of Information Technology to support its applications, servers, hardware and other general IT support. We work closely with OIT to ensure new technology initiatives are aligned with the Brown University IT Strategic Plan.