Facilities and Campus Operations

Mission and Values

The mission of Facilities and Campus Operations is to support the University by enhancing the quality of physical facilities. We do this through planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and maintaining in a responsive, service-oriented, effective, and environmentally-conscious manner.


We are committed to developing mutual respect through soliciting input, active listening and communicating, recognizing diverse points of view, and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Customer Service

We are committed to understanding the needs of the Brown community, communicating effectively, and delivering solutions in a courteous, professional, and timely manner.

Collaborative Relationships

We are committed to building strong, successful partnerships within our department, the University, and the community.


We are committed to respecting the history and traditions of our University, we strive to preserve the character of our buildings and grounds, and to create and maintain a safe, attractive, and environmentally conscious atmosphere.


We are committed to the highest standards of quality and performance and dedicated to continuous improvement across the department.


We are committed to developing efficient processes and delivering services that are fiscally, operationally, and environmentally responsible with an emphasis on proactive solutions.

Employee Development

We are committed to promoting the professional development of our employees' skills and expertise, and to attracting and retaining highly-qualified individuals.